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May 05, 2021

How to Form a Grit Group

You are welcome to participate in the 21-Day Grit and Growth Mindset Challenge alone, but we also encourage you to use it as an opportunity to connect with others! Consider forming a “Grit Group” (just like a book club!) at your workplace, among law school alumni, or with your local Bar Association and take on the Grit and Growth Mindset Challenge together!

The exact structure of the Grit Group is up to you. You can correspond via email, Slack, Zoom, or even in-person. Grit Group members can share one thought each day on a common email thread, or once a week to discuss the materials.

The official kickoff of the 2021 21-Day Grit and Growth Mindset Challenge is June 2. We encourage you (and your Grit Group) to join the kickoff, and to proceed through the challenge with other participants. However, you can start earlier or later if a different schedule is better for your Grit Group.

Grit Groups are a great way to reflect on the challenges, to share a grit or growth mindset moment with each other, or perhaps set another goal together.

What else?
You can add whatever personal touches you’d like! For example, committee member Kellie Kemp at Uber is naming her Grit Group “True Grit” and planning some live outdoor sessions at the park! Once you’ve got your Grit Group formed, consider challenging a friend to form one too. Your challenge might be structured as a friendly rivalry or maybe you have Grit Groups in offices around the country who come together for a final event at the end of the 21-day challenge. The possibilities are endless!