Welcome to the ABA's Virtual Joint Exhibit Program

Each year, the ABA's Diversity and Inclusion Center provides an exhibit at National Affinity Bar Association Annual Conferences. At this exhibit table, we provide information about joining and participating in ABA membership and the specific activities and programs of both the D&I Center as well as specific Sections, Divisions, Forums, and Commissions of the ABA. Learn more about these groups below!

Past JEP Conferences

Over the years we have connected with judges, lawyers, law students and activists during our program. They have found the wide array of resources and toolkits from our ABA participants beneficial to the equity of law. Join us, we are excited with what the future holds.

Racial Equity in the Justice System

Central clearinghouse of ABA-related information and resources for attorneys, the legal profession and the public on a wealth of issues addressing bias, racism and prejudice in the justice system and society.