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January 06, 2019 Winter 2019

SOGI Updates

Native Student Pipeline Event

SOGI Commissioner, Kori Cordero, recently participated in a pipeline event co-sponsored by the Wishtoyo Chumash Foundation, National Native American Bar Association, the California Indian Law Association, and Pitzer college.  The full-day event consisted of a moot court, where Native high-school students learned about the Doctrine of Discovery, civil and criminal legal  systems, and tribal jurisdiction. Students were also tasked with presenting a moot court case related to Chumash land rights and aboriginal title. The day also included a riff of the ABA YLD “What Do Lawyer’s Do?” panel, essentially a career and college prep panel for the 28 college-bound Native students.

Kori served as a panelist, moot court judge, and moot court coach. Special thanks to the Wishtoyo Chumash foundation  for  hosting and participating in this legal pipeline event and to Geneva EB Thompson (NNABA YLD Delegate) for creating the moot court materials and leading the event.

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