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A Troubled Industry: Far From Home, Far from Safe

Part 2 | A Collaborative Multi-series Webinar Event

Part 2  | Troubled Teen Industry: Far from Home, Far from Safe

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In this second episode of our multi-series event, with guest speakers Phil Elberg and Senator Sara Gelser will further explore the history of the troubled teen industry, addressing the current issues and our progress towards reform.

Struggling teens and their families desperate for help, find themselves trapped in an industry that has for the last 50 years operated in the shadows. With a mental health crisis and insignificant definitions pertaining to standards of care, the troubled teen industry has thrived and preyed upon families in crisis. The concept of “tough love” has become a profitable, unregulated business model and children have become the commodity.

Please join us as we take a deep dive into one of our nation's best kept secrets. 

 For more information or to view past programming please visit the Troubled Teen Industry Resource Page.


PART 2 | Troubled Teen Industry:
Far from Home, Far from Safe

Speakers Include

  • Chelsea Filer (Moderator), Youth Rights Advocate, Breaking Code Silence
  • Senator Sarah Gelser, Oregon  
  • Phil Elberg, Attorney



  • ABA Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Breaking Code Silence
  • The National Center for Lesbian Rights
  • ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice
  • ABA Family Law Section
  • ABA Section of Litigation
  • ABA Commission on Youth at Risk
  • ABA Commission on Disability Rights