Troubled Teen Industry: A Multi Series Program

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The Troubled Teen Industry | A Collaborative Multi-Series Program
Hosted by the American Bar Association.

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Part 1  | Youth in Congregate Care: Far from Home, Far from Safe

  • Silenced, abused, and desperate for help, children across the nation are being funneled into prison-like behavior modification centers under the guise of treatment. Panelists include Paris Hilton, Senator Sara Gelser, and more to bring you an inside look at the movement, Breaking Code Silence, that is changing the landscape of youth residential treatment and changing lives.
  • Learn more and watch video of the program here.

Part 2  | A Troubled Industry: Far from Home, Far from Safe

  • In this second episode of our multi-series event. Breaking Code Silence and our guest speakers Phil Elberg and Senator Sara Geiser will furtl\er explore the history of the troubled teen industry, addressing the current issues and our progress towards reform. The program will be moderated by Chelsea Filer. 
  • Read more and watch video of this program here.

Special Thanks to the ABA Troubled Teen Working Group

Skip Harsch
Phil Elberg
Chelsea Filer
Amira Hasenbush
Beth Witthenbury
Prudence Beidler Carr
Shannon Minter
Michal Rogson
Paula Shapiro
Rebecca Mellinger
Sen. Sara Gelser
Kimber Dean
Lina DeMorais
Amy Albright
Frank Valadez
Jen Robinson
Caroline Lorson 

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