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Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The American Bar Association's Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI), as one of the four ABA Goal III Entities, leads the Association's commitment to diversity, inclusion and full and equal participation by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in the Association, legal profession, and society.  

Non Binary Guide 2023 | Nonbinary Inclusion in the Legal Profession

This guide proposes a framework of general principles to address the challenges of nonbinary people in the Legal Profession and highlights practical solutions, including policy recommendations for employers and actions for individual colleagues. | Click link to read more.

Leadership & Staff | 2023 - 2024

National Study of Lawyers with Disability and who identify as LGBTQ+

First phase findings from a National Study of Lawyers with Disabilities and Lawyers who identify as LGBTQ+ in collaboration with the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Workspace

Click here - to read full report

Policy and the Law

An overview of the progress that the American Bar Association has made in advancing sexual orientation and gender identity issues and policies.

Issues Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Policy and the Law - visit page

LGBTQ+ Highlights and Resource Page

Visit SOGI's Pride Month page for LGBTQ+ highlights and resources which include information & pledge form for the ABA 21-Day Challenge, free webinars, articles, videos and more.

Learn more - Visit page

Donate to SOGI Commission

Your support of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Commission's work is greatly appreciated and will help expand on our accomplishments and activities to date.

About Us

The SOGI Commission consists of one chair and 13 commissioners who together decide the programs, policies and activities that will be pursued by the Commission. In the interest of promoting full diversity and inclusion.

SOGI Commission Annual Goal III Reports

Annual Review of the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Participation at the American Bar Association.

SOGI'S Newsletter

The Equalizer is SOGI's bi-annual newsletter, featuring interviews, current events, highlights of Annual and Midyear Meetings, politics, recent developments.