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January 20, 2022

Goal III Entity Research

Commission on Women in the Profession

Bias Interrupters

The Commission on Women in the Profession in partnership with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) released a research report in 2018. The report was designed to reduce the effects of bias in law firms and corporate legal departments. Some shocking findings from the report included that women lawyers of color were eight times more likely than white men to report being mistaken for janitorial staff.

Learn more about what the report uncovered at: 
Bias Interrupters

Gender Equity Task Force Publications

In August 2012, ABA President Laurel G. Bellows appointed a blue-ribbon Task Force on Gender Equity to recommend solutions for eliminating gender bias in the legal profession, with a principal focus on the disparity in compensation between male and female partners. The Task Force implemented the following series of projects to promote gender equity.

Women of Color Research Initiative Publications

From Visible Invisibility to Visibly Successful: Success Strategies for Women of Color in Law Firms is a report on success strategies for women lawyers of color. Recommendations are the result of information, insights, and advice gathered from 28 women of color partners in national law firms.

Access the report here: Visible Invisibility to Visibly Successful

Men in the Mix

How to Engage Men on Issues of Gender Equity in the Legal Profession comes out of focus group research that was conducted in New York City, Dallas, and San Francisco over the course of 2019.  Men and women discussed what obstacles their male colleagues faced when deciding to become allies for gender equity, and what actions could be successfully taken to engage men on these issues.

Access the report here:
Men in the Mix

This Talk Isn’t Cheap

This report addresses the intersectionality of race/ethnicity and gender in the legal profession. Through structured dialogue, women of color & white women can bridge gaps in understanding and build allyship to promote racial equity. The toolkit and report provide a guide to improving conversations about gender, race, and ethnicity so that all women can work together in combating the barriers to advancement in the legal profession.

Learn more about This Talk Isn’t Cheap and the Guided Conversations Project

Achieving Long-Term Careers for Women in Law

This initiative features innovative research on legal careers using life cycle models from the fields of sociology, social psychology, and economics. The focus is on the many benefits of remaining in the profession and highlighting the career paths of senior women lawyers who continue to practice, exercise power, and inspire future generations of women lawyers.

Commission on Disability Rights

First Phase Findings From a National Study of Lawyers With Disabilities and Lawyers Who Identify as LGBTQ+

A new national study by the ABA, in collaboration with the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, finds lawyers who identify as disabled and LGBTQ+ report experiencing both subtle and overt forms of discrimination at their workplaces, with common reports of subtle but unintentional bias. 

Learn more about the study HERE

Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession

Model Diversity Survey

The purpose of the survey is to serve as the standard for law firms’ reporting of their diversity metrics. The benefits the survey has are data uniformity, time efficiency, and trending year over year in aggregate and for individual firms.

Learn more here:
Model Diversity Survey

Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Latinos in the United States: Overcoming Legal Obstacles, Engaging in Civic Life

Preliminary information for the ABA's consideration, with the goal of providing a foundation upon which to expand on the work that has been started during the past years. The witnesses and stakeholders who provided valuable information to the Commission expect that their hopes were not misplaced that the ABA would take the lead in addressing these difficult issues. These individuals and organizations candidly described the challenges facing Latino lawyers, clients, and members of the broader Latino Community.

Learn more about the report HERE

Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice

School-to-Prison Pipeline Report

The “School-to-Prison Pipeline” has been a matter of concern for a number of years. Recently, it has become a major concern of the general public across our country due in large part to the spiraling statistics and the negative impact on children of color.

Learn more about the report HERE

Stand Your Ground Report

Stand Your Ground laws increase homicides, have no deterrent on serious crimes, result in racial disparities in the criminal justice system and impede law enforcement. Those were some of the findings from a yearlong national study by the American Bar Association National Task Force

Learn more about the report HERE