Tell Us Who You Are! Complete Your MyABA Profile

What is Your MyABA Profile?

Think of your MyABA profile as your online membership identity. It provides useful information about your educational background, areas of practice, interests, meeting and event needs, memberships, affiliations, and most importantly, your demographics. (disability, gender/gender identity, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation). All of this information is optional and is kept confidential through to which the database the MyABA profile is connected.

Why Complete the Demographics Section of Your MyABA Profile?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession and in the pursuit of justice are core values of the ABA. One of the Association’s only four goals is Goal III: Eliminate Bias and Enhance Diversity. Its objectives are to promote the full and equal participation in the Association, the profession, and the justice system by all persons and to eliminate bias in the profession and the justice system.

The demographic data from members’ MyABA Profile is used by the ABA Center for Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession—the central department responsible for advancing Goal III within and outside the ABA—to measure diversity among the ABA membership. Your demographic data is kept confidential and is visible only to you and ABA staff. This information is shared only in the aggregate, meaning no names or any other identifiers are attached.

Despite the importance of demographic information, figures from the 2020 Goal III Report, from ABA Sections, Divisions, and Forums, as well as from ABA membership demographics overall, indicate that for most groups less than 50% of ABA members have completed this section of their profiles. For demographic categories related to sexual orientation and disability, the rates of completion are in many cases lower than 10%. 

ABA members come from all backgrounds and experiences. Demographic information from Your MyABA profile is the best way for the ABA to measure the effectiveness of its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and to better understand the ways in which we should be engaging and representing our members.

How to Complete Your MyABA Profile

This short document is a step-by-step guide to completing your MyABA Profile demographic information.Specifically, this document details, with pictures, how to answer questions about your gender (including transgender self-identification), race, sexual orientation, and disability. 

Note: ALL information provided is completely confidential and will not be shared with unauthorized parties. Information on your demographics will only be shared in the aggregate (no names or any other signifiers attached) in order to better understand ABA membership and leadership information as a whole.

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