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Access the Diversity Directory on its New Online Platform

The ABA Diversity Speakers & Authors Directory provides a central resource for finding diverse speakers, authors, and other contributors for meetings, educational programs, publications, and more. The directory helps advance ABA Goal III, enhancing diversity in ABA and other programming and publications.

Eligible participants (both ABA and non-ABA members) from diverse backgrounds (women, people of color/racial and ethnic demographic groups, LGBTQ+ individuals, and persons with disabilities) can create a profile and appear in the directory. To create or modify a directory profile, go to My ABA Profile and click on "demographics." 

Only ABA members and staff can access and search the directory. 

Questions? Reach out to: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who can join the directory?

Anyone who has indicated via their MyABA Profile that they have at least one diverse identity. Non-ABA Members can join the directory, but only members can search the directory.

2. What information is required to create a profile?

The following are required): Biography, Area of Expertise, Location Availability, Travel Reimbursement, and Speaker Fee. Data already filled out in your MyABA profile will automatically be synced when making your directory account. Missing info can be filled out during profile creation.

3. Where does the directory pull my information from?

Information that cannot be edited within the directory is pulled from the following: MyABA Profile, Personify. (For specific questions about where to update information, reach out to DEI Center staff.)

4. Can I upload a different photo?

No, a different photo cannot be used than what is on your MyABA profile.

5. I just updated my MyABA profile information, when will the directory be updated?

The directory will reflect any information that has been updated within 24 hours.

6. How do I add/change my social media links?

You must reach out to the ABA IT Service Center to add/remove social media links.

7. How do I temporarily deactivate or delete my profile?

You must reach out to DEI Center staff to deactivate and reactivate your profile. Your profile can be deleted via your MyABA profile.