Why Hire Lawyers with Disabilities?

The American Bar Association Commission on Disability Rights and the Law School Admission Council created a video featuring disabled lawyers and law students, as well as law school professionals, discussing why disability diversity and inclusion is so important, and why employers should recruit, hire, retain, and advance employees with disabilities.

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Commission on Disability Rights

The Commission on Disability Rights focuses on developing and supporting initiatives and research to secure full and equal participation by persons with mental, physical, and sensory disability in all areas of the legal profession.

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Disability Rights Bar Association

The Disability Rights Bar Association (DRBA) was started by a group of disability counsel, law professors, legal nonprofits and advocacy groups who share a commitment to effective legal representation of individuals with disabilities.

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Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month

(NDEAM) is an annual awareness campaign that takes place each October and celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and educates them about the value of a diverse workforce inclusive of their skills and talents.

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