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Honoring Ones Who Paved the Way

The ABA Diversity and Inclusion Center Invites You to Celebrate Activists and Legal Trailblazers of Hispanic/Latino heritage.

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Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & Responsibilities

The Hispanic Commission focuses on developing and supporting initiatives and research to educate lawyers on how best to serve, promote civic responsibility within, and address the key legal challenges facing Latino community in the United States.

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21-Day Hispanic Heritage Equity Habit Building Challenge

The goal of the Challenge is to assist each of us to become more aware, compassionate, constructive, engaged people in the quest for equity, and specifically to learn more about the Hispanic Heritage, and many communities included under the "Hispanic umbrella." It transcends our roles as lawyers. Non-lawyers are also welcome to participate.

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Hispanic National Bar Association

Is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, national membership organization that represents the interests of Hispanic/Latino/a/x legal professionals in the United States and its territories. We are also committed to advocacy on issues of importance to the 58 million people of Hispanic heritage living in the U.S.

Resources for Students

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