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Black Lawyers in America Toolkit

The Black Lawyers in America Toolkit was created as a follow up to the original Black Lawyers in America Webinar Series, co-sponsored by the American Bar Association and hosted by Duane Morris. 

The toolkit includes facilitation guidelines, discussion questions, and continuing resources to engage in the work of uplifting Black lawyers' experiences in the workplace and ending practices of implicit bias and anti-Black racism in the legal profession and educational pipeline. It also provides resources and tips for Black lawyers. 

Access the Black Lawyers Toolkit

The videos that make up the toolkit are linked inside of the toolkit, which directs to the videos listed below as embedded YouTube links. You can also access a PowerPoint file you can use in the workplace to facilitate discussion questions (each slide includes one discussion question that can be displayed via a shared online meeting screen). 

Discussion Questions PowerPoint

This file is also available in a PDF version. The PowerPoint or pdf can be used for a virtual discussion online--each question is listed on an individual slide, to help foster dialogue amongst a group via Zoom or other virtual platform. It is optional, but a helpful accompaniment to facilitating group dialogue on the Toolkit.

Video 1: Systemic Racism: The Current Landscape and Unique Challenges Black Lawyers Face

Video 2: Advice for Law Firm Management and General Counsels

Video 3: The Legal Diversity Pipeline

Video 4:  Tips for Black Lawyers

Still have questions? Learn more about the original Black Lawyers in America Series and the Diversity and Inclusion Center. Or, reach out to the Diversity and Inclusion Center at [email protected].