Minority Caucus

Orlando Lucero

Orlando Lucero

Minority Caucus Chair

As the new chair of the ABA House of Delegates Minority Caucus, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the Caucus.  The Caucus is the home for lawyers of color who belong to the House and other House members who share our interest and passion for matters of diversity, equity and inclusion.  Our Caucus is among the largest in the House of Delegates and it is important that our collective voice continue to be heard.

Can we even begin to imagine that the last time the House of Delegate and our Caucus met in person was in Austin, Texas almost a year ago?  How things have changed in that time.  Most of us continue to work remotely and have learned to adapt our practices and our lives to a new way of communicating and dealing with each other.  It is no different with the Minority Caucus.

The 2021 Midyear meeting will be virtual and even though we cannot yet meet in person, the important work of our Caucus must be done.  At this year’s virtual meeting, we will hear presentations from and have the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates for officers of the ABA, we will hear and debate the report of the Resolutions Committee, and we will have the chance to network and catch up with each other, even if it is not quite the same as being together in person.  In addition, I expect we will have time to start discussing some new matters for future consideration by the Caucus.

My goal for the year is to continue to find ways to engage the members of the Caucus in meaningful ways, especially as we continue navigating the pandemic.  When one looks at the purposes and goals of the Caucus, it becomes apparent that we still have opportunities to embrace that will strengthen the Caucus and its members.  For example, for the first time this year we asked the Caucus to support the ABA’s Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund.  That effort succeeded in raising some money for LOSF, but we can do better.  Similarly, there are other opportunities for helping develop the talent pool of lawyers of color for ABA leadership positions and to continue to explore ways in which our Caucus can be the most effective.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas about the Caucus, so please feel free to reach out to me at any time.  I can be reached at Orlando.lucero@fnf.com or 505-332-6291.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I know that working together we will make 2021 a great year for our Caucus and for the ABA

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What is the ABA Minority Caucus?

The Minority Caucus of the ABA House of Delegates (House) provides a forum for racial or ethnic minority members of the House and those House members who have an interest in diversity issues -- to:

  • Identify and propose key issues to the House and assist in developing a leadership pool for minorities in the American Bar Association.
  • Provide a forum for HOD members to meet and 
  • network with one another prior to the opening session; discuss controversial or interesting reports and recommendations on the upcoming house agenda, often including inviting proponents and opponents to speak; and mentor new minority members.
  • Hear presentations from candidates for ABA officer and Board positions so that we can become acquainted with or reinforce relationships with the organization's top leaders and pose questions to candidates on their backgrounds and positions in a reasonably small setting.
  • Invite members of the Board of Governors to address the group so as to alert the Caucus members of key issues facing the ABA and Board and to facilitate an opportunity for input into the Board decision-making process
  • Participate in the ABA presidential appointment process and invite the President-elect or designee to attend and address the group so as to help to inform other groups about potential appointment opportunities.
  • Assist in developing a leadership pool for minorities in the ABA as we identify, encourage, and support minorities to apply for or run for leadership posts throughout the ABA and provide a means of recruiting and mentoring candidates to ensure there is always a ready pool of talent.
  • Work together to initiate, support, or oppose House resolutions in conjunction with others in the House, thus using the strength of the group to propose matters that merit House action and building coalitions with other House members to advocate for or against resolutions of interest to the Caucus.
  • Participate in the House of Delegates orientation program so as to acquaint new members with the existence and purposes of the Minority Caucus and to raise a higher profile for Caucus activities within the House structure.

The Caucus meets twice a year, at the ABA Annual and Midyear Meetings. In recent years, these meetings have been scheduled for the Sunday afternoon preceding the opening of the House. Check the meeting program book for dates, times and locations.

The Minority Caucus meeting is open to all members of the profession. Invite your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the Caucus listserv, please send an email to anna.roskamp@americanbar.org.