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Diversity & Inclusion 360 Commission

What is the 360 Commission?

This page provides an overview of the resources created from the 2015-2016 ABA Diversity & Inclusion 360 Commission, formed by ABA President Paulette Brown (2015-2016). The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion 360 Commission was to review and analyze the state of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, the judicial system, and the American Bar Association (ABA) with the aim of formulating methods, policies, standards, and practices to best advance diversity and inclusion. President Brown charged the Commission with producing a tangible body of work that would move the needle. 

360 Report

The link below to the 360 Commission' s Executive Summary provides key information about the commission, its goals, deliverables, and projects undertaken from 2015-2016. 

Read the 360 Report Executive Summary.

See the Commissioners & Working Groups of the ABA 360 Commission.

Tools & Resources

The 360 Commission highlighted a number of tools and resources that collectively have the potential to make a difference in practical ways. The resources referenced in the report include: 

Diversity & Inclusion Resources Page
(Formerly referred to as the "D&I Portal")

The National Pipeline Diversity Initiatives Directory

The Model Diversity & Inclusion Plan

Implicit Bias Videos & Toolkit for Judges, Prosecutors, and Public Defenders

Model Diversity Survey

Strengthening ABA Policies through Resolutions passed during 2015-2016's ABA House of Delegates Meetings, including:

Resolution 109: Model Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4 Amendment 

Resolution 107: Expanding CLEs to dedicate a specific category to Diversity & Inclusion

Resolution 116: Expanding ABA Principles for Juries & Jury Trials

Resolution 113: Economic Case Policy Expanding Economic Opportunities for Lawyers from Diverse Backgrounds 

Collaboration with Judge Advocate General (see video below)

In its exploration of the educational pipeline into the legal profession, the Commission looked to the Judge Advocate General’s Corps as a potential partner in educating diverse students about their many career options including a career in the legal profession.  Members of the JAG Corps met with ABA President Paulette Brown and Dean of Harvard Law School and Diversity and Inclusion 360 Commissioner Martha Minow to begin a dialogue about collaborating around pipeline issues.  Both the JAG Corps and the ABA are seeking to cultivate in students the desire for careers of service and problem solving, teamwork and leadership.

The video above features ABA President Paulette Brown engaged in a discussion with the Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy, Vice Admiral James W. Crawford III, and the Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Army, Lieutenant General Flora D. Darpino, about such professional and career opportunities.