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Webinar Series: "Kids in Custody: Legal Challenges and a Call to Action"

Part 1: June 17th - Register Now 

This comprehensive three-part webinar series delves deep into the critical issue of youth incarceration. The initial webinar will feature attorneys Kyle Mothershead and Wes Clark from the now infamous class action lawsuit Geerts v. Rutherford County, Tennessee, detailed in the New York Times and Serial Productions podcast “The Kids of Rutherford County". The second webinar will center on the core legal issues of youth arrests and detentions, along with related Due Process violations and Equal Protection concerns. The concluding webinar will present a call to action for attorneys ready to provide pro bono representation for students confronting separation from school and family.

Co-Sponsored by the Center on Children and the Law, the Commission on Youth at Risk, the Division for Public Education, the Judicial Division, and the Section on Civil Rights and Social Justice.

From Podcast to Class Action Lawsuit: Behind the Scenes of “The Kids of Rutherford County” Case 

June 17, 2024 at 11AM PT/ 1 PM CT/ 2PM ET 

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In our first webinar, we highlight the far-reaching effects of Judge Donna Scott Davenport's policies in Rutherford County, Tennessee, where 48% of children in the county were detained by police, a stark contrast to the national average of 5%. Gain firsthand insights from attorneys Kyle Mothershead and Wes Clark as they unpack their groundbreaking class action lawsuit, Geerts v. Rutherford County, Tennessee, covered elsewhere by ProPublica and in the much-acclaimed New York Times podcast, The Kids of Rutherford County.

Kyle Mothershead - Founder, Relentless Advocacy PLLC
Wesley “Wes” Clark - Partner, Brazil Clark PLLC

Twanda Turner Westbrook - Chair, ABA Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice; Global Litigation Director, Dematic Corp. and KION Americas 


Voice for the Voiceless: Protecting Youth Rights in the Justice System 



In our second webinar, we focus on the critical legal issues of youth arrests and detentions. We will delve into due process violations and equal protection concerns that frequently arise in these cases and unpack strategies to safeguard the rights of youth. We hope to provide practical knowledge to help ensure the fair treatment of system involved youth and disrupt the school to prison pipeline.

Answering the Call: Pro Bono Advocacy for Youth Facing School and Family Separation



In our third and final webinar, we issue a call to action for attorneys committed to making a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable youth. We will spotlight the urgent need for legal representation for students who are separated from their schools and families and placed into juvenile detention. Discover the profound difference pro bono advocacy can make, hear powerful success stories, and receive practical guidance on how to get involved.