Digital Justice Initiative

Digital Justice Initiative Project

A groundbreaking project using Hackathons to bring together communities of color, persons with disabilities, and the legal, law enforcement, and technology sectors to devise innovative technological solutions to address conflicts between communities of color, person with disabilities and law enforcement.  Once complete, COREJ will issue a Report with Recommendations regarding the findings, solutions, and available apps that were created and designed at each of the Hackathons

COREJ had its highly successful Hackathon debut, “JusticeHack Miami”, during the 2017 ABA Midyear Meeting in Miami – attracting more than 200 participants. COREJ also hosted the equally successful "JusticeHack New York", during 2017 ABA Annual Meeting in New York. Miami JusticeHack 2.0 took place February 10, 2018 with Team "Freeze" taking first place.

Chicago JusticeHack Winning Team 

Safe Passages

 Safe Passages  provides an application, accessible on multiple devices (web, phone, wearable, etc.) to aid in the safe passage home for children.  The app will provide a route, highlighted on a map, with hot spot notifications of hazards to avoid, and the ability to find shelter or report an incident.

Team Members: Brian Barnes, Bridget Mitchell, June Norfleet, Kevin Rose,  and Carmichael Lewis.

Miami JusticeHack 2.0  Winning Team


Freeze is a virtual gaming app that immerses users in the real-life, high-stakes scenarios that cops face every day. By living out the reality of crime fighting through the eyes of the cops, gamers begin to GET it. Freeze is subliminally building trust through experience, and with that knowledge and keeping people alive.

Team Members: Jessica Sinkfield, Tiffany Pittman, Tom Buchanan, Carlos J. Martinez, Dana Carter, Danielia Olivas, Clifford Cayard, Robert Breakstone, Sam Abbassi, Joyce Williams, Fiorenza Herrera, Juvensen Jules, Rachel Streitfeld, Natalie Yosipovitch.

New York JusticeHack Winning Team


Team Members: Diana Sen, Gregory Brender, Dean Phyliss Craig-Taylor, Melody Harkness, Debby Branch, Jennifer North, Lois Carter, Ryan Ferguson, Gerald Taylor, Tim Baran, Juan Batista

Miami JusticeHack Winning Team JUVO

Team Members: Feras Ahmed, Michael Gregory, Jean-Claude Noel and Ellen Degnan.