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School-to-Prison Pipeline

The “School-to-Prison Pipeline”  has been crucial concern of parents, educators, ministers, civil rights activist, lawyers and youth advocates for a number of years. Recently, it has become a major concern of the general public across our country due in large part to the spiraling statistics and the negative impact on  children of color. Some advocates have defined the problem as as systematic way of siphoning children out of the public schools and funneling them into the juvenile and criminal justice system. A number of civil rights lawyers regard the journey from " school -to-prison, " as a critical civil rights issue.

Town hall forums will bring together the experts who have developed programs and projects; advocates from diverse backgrounds who are working toward solutions to this devastating issue as well as those who have a plan of action to recommend to those who are concerned.  These town hall forums will be open to parents, youth, lawyers, judges, educators, administrators, advocates and the public.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Hertiage Month 2021 Wevibar Series

Celebrated in May, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month recognizes the challenges faced by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and their vital contributions to the American story. In this engaging series, we will dive into the experiences of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities along with the social, political, and economic issues they have and continue to face.
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Digital Justice Initiative

The ABA Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice (COREJ) launched a new project during the 2017 bar year titled the " Digital Justice Initiative: Police & Communities of Color Building Alliances."  After a series of high-profile fatal shootings and killings of Black men by police officers eroded the public confidence in the police, particularly in communities of color, the entire country was confounded by the lack of solutions to resolve the problems through traditional means i.e. studies, meetings, conferences and public forums.

COREJ's project brings together communities of color, the legal sector, law enforcement and the technology and innovation industry from a new perspective to resolve the conflicts between communities of color and law enforcement through technology.  The centerpiece of the project are social justice Hackathons or " ABA JusticeHack." review the latest Report on the success of the Hackathons.

The Election Protection Project

Through this joint collaboration with the National Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights under the Law and several ABA Sections and Divisions the Coalition was able to identify volunteer lawyers and students; develop education materials; plan CLE training programs for volunteers; and assist in publicizing programs.