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Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice

The ABA Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice (COREJ) examines issues stemming from the intersection of race and ethnicity with the legal system. COREJ partners with both ABA and non-ABA entities to develop policies, programming, and other initiatives to address these issues. We consider ourselves the conscience of the ABA when social justice issues disproportionately affect people of color who are too often the most voiceless and vulnerable among us. 


"Kids in Custody: Legal Challenges and a Call to Action" Webinar Series

Part 2 - Voice for the Voiceless: Protecting Youth Rights in the Justice System

This comprehensive three-part webinar series delves deep into the critical issue of youth incarceration. Next in the series, we will focus on the critical legal issues of youth arrests and detentions. We will delve into due process violations and equal protection concerns that frequently arise in these cases and unpack strategies to safeguard the rights of youth. We hope to provide practical knowledge to help ensure the fair treatment of system involved youth and disrupt the school to prison pipeline. The program will be held on July, 15 2024 at 2PM ET.

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Halting the School-to-Prison Pipeline Advocacy Toolkit

The Coalition has been tackling the school-to-prison pipeline issue for years. In 2023, COREJ released the Halting the School-to-Prison Pipeline Advocacy Toolkit to aid stakeholders in enacting local and state change.

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Halting the School-to-Prison Pipeline Stakeholders Convening - Feb. 4, 2023

The school-to-prison pipeline – the various policies and practices in our educational system that result in students leaving school and becoming involved in the criminal justice system – remains one of our nation’s most formidable challenges. The Convening will provide an opportunity for stakeholders and others to review and comment on key issues addressed in the draft ABA legislative tool kit designed to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. *Both in-person and virtual options will be available.

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Dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline Legislative Tool Kit

Staff, members and volunteers from other interested entities and affiliated organizations conducted a holistic review of the 359 legislative bills, assessing both positive and negative impacts, in an effort to develop concrete suggestions for legislative change. This legislative guide or “toolkit” that can be used by those advocating for positive change on the state and local level to ultimately dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.

ABA 21-Day Native American Heritage Equity Habit Building Challenge ©

Join in the ABA 21-Day Native American Equity Habit Building Challenge ©, as we immerse ourselves in resources to help support building habits toward Native American Heritage learning.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Webinar Series

In this engaging series, we dove into the experiences of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities along with the social, political, and economic issues they have and continue to face. We addressed topics including systemic discrimination, stereotypes, constitutional rights, identity and intersectionality, and more. The webinar series culminated with an impactful teach-in, a call for action for the ABA community to stop hate and violence against Asian Americans. Don't miss the voices of featured speakers in their call to action captured in webinar recordings!

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About the Coalition

In 1992 a Presidential Task Force on Minorities in the Justice system was created in the aftermath of the Rodney King disturbances. Shortly thereafter, a report was issued with recommendations by the Task Force.

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The Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice

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