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Lillian Moy
Legal Aid Society of NE New York
Albany, NY

Past Chairperson
Leigh-Ann Buchanan
Miami, FL



Feras Ahmed

Miami, FL


Pankit Doshi

Menlo Park, CA

Jared Hautamaki
Silver Springs, MD


Christina Kracher

Falls Church, VA

Adam Landy

San Francisco, CA

Diana Sen
New York, NY


Board of Governors Liaison

David S. Houghton
Omaha, NE

National Conference of Administrative Law Judges
Patricia B. Miles
San Francisco, CA



Pedro J. Windsor Jr.
COREJ Acting Director
Direct: (312) 988-5279


Sharris Davis
Program Assistant
Direct: (312) 988-5409

Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice

Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice COREJ is committed to eliminating racial/ethnic bias in the justice system by by educating and involving lawyers and their bar associations
Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice
Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice


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School-To-Prison Pipeline in Indian Country


This daylong event took place Friday, March 27, 2015 at Arizona State University and focused exclusively on the “School-To-Prison Pipeline“ in Indian Country. If you missed it, click below to watch the webcast in its entirety. You may also dowlload the program agenda and program materials.