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Welcome NBA Members

Each year, the ABA's Diversity and Inclusion Center provides an exhibit at National Affinity Bar Association Annual Conferences. At this exhibit table, we provide information about joining and participating in ABA membership and the specific activities and programs of the D&I Center and various Sections, Divisions, Forums, and Commissions of the ABA. Interested in a particular practice area or cause? Learn more about these groups below!

21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge©

The goal of the Challenge is to assist in becoming more aware, compassionate, constructive, engaged people in the quest for equity, and specifically to learn more about the Native American communities. It transcends our roles as lawyers. Non-lawyers are also welcome to participate

Fellowships for Young Lawyers and Law Students

ABA fellowships put you in a position to grow, learn, and succeed through ABA member group involvement. These fellowships offer hands-on experience and training for law students and young lawyers. Some even fund your travel to join in-person meetings around the country.

Policing Transparency

Deploying university policing authority in neighborhoods adjoining campuses has spurred tension and conflict, particularly in Baltimore and Chicago. To protect students against excessive force, there must be order.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Programs, resources, and information across the American Bar Association

ABA and National Affinity Bars Equity Webinar

Representatives from the National Affinity Bar Associations discuss how they are identifying and addressing inequities and share their strategies for breaking down the barriers of bias, racism, and discrimination.

Racial Equity in the Justice System

Central clearinghouse of ABA-related information and resources for attorneys, the legal profession and the public on a wealth of issues addressing bias, racism and prejudice in the justice system and society.

Scholarship Fund

Need CLEs? The ABA's Got You Covered!

Choose from hundreds of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CLEs (they can also help you meet your Elimination of Bias/Diversity and Inclusion credits!).

Stay Connected

For the past several years, the ABA D&I Center has connected with judges, lawyers, law students and activists during our exhibits at National Affinity Bar conferences. Stay up to date with D&I Center happenings on social media @ABADiversity. We are excited to build a more equitable and just future together!

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Our mission is to serve equally our members, our profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession.