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Welcome NAWL Members

Each year, the ABA's Diversity and Inclusion Center provides an exhibit at National Affinity Bar Association Annual Conferences. At this exhibit table, we provide information about joining and participating in ABA membership and the specific activities and programs of the D&I Center and various Sections, Divisions, Forums, and Commissions of the ABA. Interested in a particular practice area or cause? Learn more about these groups below!

Commission on Women in the Profession

The Commission on Women focuses on developing and supporting initiatives and research to secure full and equal participation of women in all areas of the legal profession.

Women of Color Research Initiative

This research and accompanying toolkit explores the unique experiences of women of color in the law, who face bias and other obstacles due to the intersectionality of their gender and race.

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New Research on the Gender Gap among Appellate Attorneys

"How Unappealing: An Empirical Analysis of the Gender Gap among Appellate Attorneys" looks at the kinds of cases female lawyers work on, who they represent, and where they work. This report also makes recommendations for closing the gender gap among appellate attorneys.

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Scholarship Fund