Pipeline Diversity Directory Submission Process

In general, the Pipeline Diversity Directory contains information on programs that target or primarily serve racially/ethnically diverse students. These programs fit into two broad categories:

Programs conducted by any type of legal organization, such as a bar association, law school, law firm, corporate counsel, or any other law-related entity.

Programs that encourage students to consider a legal career or help them prepare for one-no mater what type of organization conducts the program. A community agency that conducts a moot court program fits into this category.

Directory entry submission form

It generally takes less than 15 minutes to complete the form.

On the submission form, enter responses for all the queries that apply to your program. If you are not certain how to respond:

The submission form solicits the following type of information:

  • The primary focus of the program (e.g., recruitment, education and/or career transition)
  • The program's targeted participant groups
  • The age range and educational level of participants
  • The demographic characteristics of the program's targeted population or community
  • The type of entity that conducts the program


We will review all Directory entries before posting them on the Website. We mainly check for completeness and consistency in the presentation of information. Based on the Directory's standards and objectives, we may edit program descriptions or decline acceptance of extraneous submissions.

If a submission requires substantive edits, we will return the edited text to the person who submitted the form for approval before the program is posted on the Website.

The ABA or LSAC is not responsible for fact-checking the information submitted or evaluating programs. The person(s) submitting the form is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information.