Pipeline Diversity Directory Benefits

Any person, organization, or collaborative group that wants to do something to help improve diversity in the pipeline to the legal profession will benefit from using the Directory.

The searchable database makes it easy to identify programs that meet your specified criteria. Consider these examples of the endless possibilities for using the Directory:


Groups/IndividualsUse Pipeline Directory to:
Law firm

Find existing moot court programs in your city for your lawyers to volunteer

Law schoolIdentify local grade-school projects for your law students seeking community service opportunities
Bar associationPost your new LSAT-preparatory program to generate participants, collaborators and potential funders
Community agencyFind existing programs in comparable-sized cities to serve as a model for developing your new program
Corporate legalFind local programs that fit department your criteria for potential funding recipients
ParentsLocate a program in your area that will encourage your high school student to consider law school
School counselorIdentify academic assistance services at regional law schools
Minority law studentIdentify local law firms & bar associations that have pipeline programs to assist you in finding a mentor