Past Activities



ACD Sponsored, Co-Sponsored, or Assisted Activities

The Advisory Council on Diversity (ACD) acts as a think-tank and programmatic incubator for activities that foster a more diverse pipeline to the profession. In its "think-tank" capacity, ACD has frequently provided the forum for key stakeholders to address particular issues and build networks to affect change. As a national "incubator" for nascent programs, ACD has conducted and collaborated on a variety of projects and programs. Some of its major initiatives have included:


ABA Diversity Summit , May 2001. Two-day conference to examine diversity issues within the ABA.

Task Force on Law School Admissions and the Bar Examination. Established 2001. Conducted survey of admissions offices on pre-law academic support programs.

ABA Resource Guide : Programs to Advance Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Legal Profession. Published July 2000, as by-product of October 1999 Colloquium.

Colloquium on Diversity in the Legal Profession, held in Aspen, CO, October 1999. It brought together legal educators, corporate counsel, law firm and bar association leaders to determine how to achieve greater racial and ethnic diversity in the profession.

Student Outreach Pilot Projects

Interactive panel presentations of law students, lawyers, judges, and bar representatives, who encourage college and/or high school students to consider law as a career. Pilot projects have been held in:

  • Miami-Dade College, Florida, April 2004
  • Therrell Magnet Center for Law, Atlanta, August 2004
  • University of North Carolina, February 2003
  • Hampshire College, Massachusetts, November 2002

Outreach to State & Local Bar Associations

Promoting pipeline diversity to bar associations, including:

  • National Conference of Bar Presidents, August 2004: spearheaded plenary session and a separate workshop on pipeline diversity at NCBP Annual Meeting
  • Massachusetts Bar Diversity Conference, May 2004: presentation on ABA pipeline diversity initiative
  • Florida Bar Diversity Conference, April 2004: participated and assisted with review of post conference report

Collaboration with ABA Entities and Affiliated Organizations

  • ABA Internal Minority Lawyer Development Committee, 2004: participant in cross-Section staff working group
  • CLEO, 2003 & 2004: provided presenters for its Professional Development Seminars
  • Section of Litigation, Summer 2004: prepared article for its Minority Lawyer publication

Collaboration with Pertinent External Organizations

Promoting pipeline diversity and representing the ABA with national legal and educational entities, including:

  • University of DC Law School, August 2004: provided presenters for special diversity training during student orientation program
  • Pre-Law Advisors National Conference, June 2004: hosted exhibit to inform pre-law advisors on advising minority students
  • Wingspread Conference, June 2004: Conference entitled “Renovating the P-20 Pyramid in Education: With the Leadership of Schools of Law”
  • National Law-Related Education Leadership Conference. January 2004. Presented workshop to encourage law-related educators to promote law as a career, especially to minority youth
  • National Institute for Diversity in the Law, 2001