December 11, 2018

Judicial Clerkship Program

Participate in the Program

Law schools, judges, and others interested in participating, please download that JCP Program Brochure and contact Selina Thomas,  Director, for the Council for Diversity in the Educational Pipeline.

The 2019 Judicial Clerkship Program will take place Thursday, January 24 - Saturday, January 26, 2019  during the ABA Midyear Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About the Judicial Clerkship Program

The Judicial Clerkship Program (JCP) introduces diverse law students from around the country to judges and law clerks.  The program informs and educates the students as to the life-long benefits of a judicial clerkship. The program also encourages judges to consider students of color that they otherwise may not have considered for a judicial clerkship. This three-day program allows the law students to explore legal issues, perform legal research, prepare legal memoranda or briefs and defend their positions to their colleagues and the judges and Pipeline members.  We have found that law students who otherwise might not consider a judicial clerkship and judges, who may not ordinarily recruit clerks from certain schools, modify their views and expectations.  Law students interact with the members of the legal profession in structured and informal settings.  

The JCP is a joint effort of the ABA Council for Diversity in the Educational Pipeline, the ABA Judicial Division  with the generous in-kind support from LexisNexis®

15th Anniversary News Coverage:

Judges “serve” as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, students “work” as clerks

Judges and 53 minority law students have come together in Houston for the 15th annual Judicial Clerkship Program. Read about the program and watch the event highlights video below.

For more information on the Judicial Clerkship Program, please click on the following link: About the Program.

15th Anniversary News Coverage: Judges “serve” as a U.S. Supreme Court justice, students “work” as clerks

Judges and 53 minority law students have come together in Houston for the 15th annual Judicial Clerkship Program. Read about the program and watch the event highlights video below.

JCP Previous Programs

2018 Chicago, IL
2017 Miami, FL
2016 San Diego, CA
2015 Houston, TX
2014 Chicago, IL
2013 Dallas, TX
2012 New Orleans, LA
2011 Atlanta, GA
2010 Orlando, FL
2009 Boston, MA
2008 Los Angeles, CA
2007 Miami, FL
2006 Chicago, IL
2005: Salt Lake City, UT
2004: San Antonio, TX
2003: Seattle, WA
2002: Philadelphia, PA
2001: San Diego, CA

History of the Judicial Clerkship Program 

Other ABA Clerkship Collaborations

The ABA Council for Racial and Ethnic Diversity Judicial Clerkship program works in collaboration with the other clerkship programs: 

Diversity Clerkship Program, ABA Section of Business Law

Judicial Intern Opportunity Program, ABA Section of Litigation