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Community College Pathway to Law Toolkit

The purpose of this Toolkit is to provide guidance and resources to those associated with community colleges who are interested in either creating a pathway program to law school or enhancing an existing program.

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Explore Judicial Clerkships

Judicial Clerkship Program

The Judicial Clerkship Program (JCP) introduces diverse law students from around the country to judges and law clerks. The program informs and educates the students as to the life-long benefits of a judicial clerkship.

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Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The American Bar Association (ABA) awards an annual Legal Opportunity Scholarship to first-year law students. The mission of the program is to encourage racial and ethnic minority students to apply to law school and to provide financial assistance to attend and completing law school.

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Recognizing Exemplary Leadership & Success in Educational Pipeline Work

Alexander Award

To increase diversity in the legal profession demands work to expand opportunities for and success of underrepresented students all along the educational pipeline through law school and into the profession.

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