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Navigating Zoom Without Using Your Mouse: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard accessibility ensures that any actions that can be completed with a mouse may also be completed with only a keyboard, and with comparable ease of use. Individuals with various types of disabilities, including mobility, sensory (blind), or cognitive conditions, may not be able to use a mouse and rely on the keyboard. For these individuals, Zoom provides keyboard shortcuts that are customizable and can be enacted globally, meaning they will work even when Zoom is not in focus. The shortcuts can be used on the Zoom Desktop Client for Windows and Mac. The ABA Commission on Disability Rights recommends that you share this guide on keyboard shortcuts with your Zoom participants to ensure their full and equal participation in your meetings and webinars.

Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows


  • Switch Zoom windows: F6
  • Go to meeting controls: Ctrl+Alt+Shift
  • Go to previous video stream in Gallery: Page Up
  • Go to next video stream in Gallery: Page Down
  • Go to Invite menu: Alt+I
  • Go to next tab (right): Ctrl+Tab
  • Go to previous tab (left): Ctrl+Shift+Tab
  • Go to previous chat: Ctrl+Up
  • Go to next chat: Ctrl+Down
  • Jump to chat: Ctrl+T
  • Close current chat: Ctrl+W


  • Turn On/Off: Alt
  • Toggle full screen On/Off: Alt+F
  • Toggle “Always Show Meeting Control Toolbar” On/Off: Alt
  • Toggle In-Meeting chat panel: Alt+H
  • Toggle Participants panel: Alt+U
  • Switch to Active Speaker view: Alt+F1
  • Read Active Speaker name: Ctrl+2
  • Switch to Gallery video view: Alt+F2
  • Close front window: Alt+F4


  • Toggle video On/Off: Alt+V
  • Toggle audio On/Off: Alt+A
  • Toggle audio On/Off for all except host: Alt+M
  • Toggle Screen Share On/Off: Alt+Shift+S (only works when the meeting control toolbar is onscreen).
  • Stop current Screen Share and launch a new one: Alt+S (only works when the meeting control toolbar is onscreen).
  • Pause/Resume Screen Share: Alt+T (only works when the meeting control toolbar is onscreen).
  • Switch camera: Alt+N
  • Toggle floating meeting controls: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H
  • Raise/Lower hand: Alt+Y
  • Start remote control: Alt+Shift+R
  • Stop remote control: Alt+Shift+G


  • Start/Stop local recording: Alt+R
  • Start/Stop cloud recording: Alt+C
  • Pause/Resume recording: Alt+P
  • Take a screenshot: Alt+Shift+T
  • Search: Ctrl+F

Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac 


  • Join or schedule a meeting: Cmd+J
  • Start a meeting: Cmd+Ctrl+V
  • Share screen via Direct Share: Cmd+Ctrl+S
  • Toggle Active Speaker and Gallery views: Cmd+Shift+W
  • Go to Invite menu: Cmd+I
  • Go to previous video stream in Gallery: Ctrl+P
  • Go to next video stream in Gallery: Ctrl+N


  • Toggle audio On/Off: Cmd+Shift+A
  • Toggle video On/Off: Cmd+Shift+V
  • Toggle Portrait/Landscape views: Cmd+L
  • Toggle Screen Share On/Off: Cmd+Shift+S
  • Pause/Resume Screen Share: Cmd+Shift T
  • Switch camera: Cmd+Shift+N
  • Switch tab: Ctrl+T
  • Mute audio for all except host: Cmd+Ctrl+M
  • Unmute audio for all except host: Cmd+Ctrl+U
  • Push to talk: Space
  • Raise/lower hand: Opt+Y
  • Gain remote control: Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Stop remote control: Ctrl+Shift+G
  • End/Leave meeting or close current window: Cmd+W


  • Toggle Participants panel On/Off: Cmd+U
  • Toggle In-Meeting Chat panel On/Off: Cmd+Shift+H
  • Toggle full screen On/Off: Cmd+Shift+F
  • Toggle meeting controls On/Off: Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+H
  • Toggle “Always Show Meeting Control Toolbar” On/Off: Ctrl+\
  • Switch to minimized window: Cmd+Shift+M


  • Take screenshot: Cmd+T
  • Start local recording: Cmd+Shift+R
  • Start cloud recording: Cmd+Shift+C
  • Pause/resume recording: Cmd+Shift+P

Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad with a Keyboard

  • Toggle audio On/Off: Command+Shift+A
  • Toggle video On/Off: Command+Shift+V
  • Toggle chat On/Off: Command+Shift+H
  • Toggle Manage Participants panel: Command+U
  • Minimize meeting: Command+Shift+M
  • Close front window: Command+W

Note: You cannot edit Zoom keyboard shortcuts on iPad.

Shortcut Settings

These shortcuts are available in Zoom desktop settings under Accessibility. To access these shortcuts:

  1. Log in to your Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click your profile picture then click Settings.
  3. Click Keyboard Shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts will appear.
  4. To enable a shortcut globally, check the Enable Global Shortcut option next to the shortcut. At any point, you can click Restore Defaults to return all shortcuts to their original settings.
  5. To edit a shortcut, click on the shortcut and then press the shortcut key that you would like to use and it will automatically change. You can press multiple keys, such as Alt+Shift+9, or a single one like 9.
  6. To disable a keyboard shortcut, click it, press Del to empty it, and then press Enter. Zoom will remove the keyboard shortcut associated with that action.

Note: To ensure full keyboard support within the desktop meeting client, the toolbar must be set to not automatically hide. Uncheck the Always show meeting controls under the Accessibility section of the desktop application Settings, or in the In-meeting (basic) section of the web portal Settings. This may be also be accomplished on a per-meeting basis using the Toggle the Always show meeting controls option in Settings/Accessibility keyboard shortcut.

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