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June 24, 2020


Opening the Bench & Bar to People with Disabilities: Manual for Court Disability Coordinators (2005)

  • Discusses key federal and state statutes governing court access; who is a qualified individual with a disability; ensuring program accessibility through reasonable modifications, including auxiliary aids; interacting with people with disabilities; physical access to the courthouse, including a list of resources; and selected state cases and settlements involving court access.

Supreme Court of Illinois

Policy on Access for Persons with Disabilities ADA

Circuit Court of Cook County

Courthouse Accessibility

ADA Accommodation Request Form

12th Judicial Circuit Court of Will County

ADA Accommodation Request Form
Information on where to send the form can be found on this page.

18th Judicial Court of Illinois of DuPage County

Access to the Court for People with Disabilities

19th Judicial Circuit Court of Lake County

Accommodations Available for Persons with Disabilities