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August 22, 2018


The Vermont Judiciary Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was established to identify disparities in our justice system, understand the causes, evaluate solutions, and implement changes. The Commission’s work will address disparities amongst individuals involved in court proceedings as well as internal Judiciary practices, such as hiring, training, and retention. 

Women’s Division (PDF) 

The purpose of this Division shall be to promote the objects of the Vermont Bar Association within the field of women and the law and, to that end, to further the development of the law within that field and all its branches, to formulate and extend the study of this field of law, to engage in educational and related activities, to inform and assist members of the Bar in all matters pertaining to the subject matter of this Division, to sponsor, encourage and promote scholarship in that field and all its branches, provide a forum, where appropriate with other disciplines and with governmental and private bodies, for the exchange of ideas and opinions, to serve as a spokesman for the Vermont Bar Association if approved by the Board of Managers, and to simplify and improve the application of justice in this field, all in conformity with the constitution and bylaws of the Vermont Bar Association. 

All webpages for Sections of the Vermont Bar Association are only availble to their members. However, the following Sections exist:

Disability Law Section

Elder Law Section