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August 22, 2018


Diversity Portal

Disability Services Committee

The Disability Services Committee shall institute statewide programs to educate both lawyers and the public on issues regarding the legal rights of the disabled. The committee shall study and make recommendations concerning all legislation or rule-making pertaining to mentally disabled and physically handicapped persons.

PBA Diversity Team

The PBA Diversity Team establishes resources and forums for enhanced communication among PBA groups with diversity initiatives. The Diversity Team is committed to work collaboratively with PBA leadership, staff and all other PBA-related groups and entities, including the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation, the Pennsylvania Bar Insurance Fund and Trust Fund, PABAR-PAC and the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, to promote and enhance diversity. Each member of the Diversity Team (Diversity Ambassadors) works collaboratively with PBA groups to promote and enhance their existing diversity initiatives and/or assist with creating new opportunities. The PBA Diversity Team has been established by recommendation of the PBA Diversity Task Force, as unanimously approved by the PBA Board of Governors on Nov. 17, 2010.

LGBTQ+ Rights

The LGBTQ+ Rights Committee shall study matters pertaining to the recognition and protection of the legal rights of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) community. The committee will monitor and make recommendations on issues and developments in the law impacting LGBTQ+ people in the public and the legal profession.

Minority Bar

The mission of the Minority Bar Committee is to “assure full and equal participation of minorities in the PBA, the legal profession, and the justice system in general.” We uphold the core values and beliefs of our mission as seen in our programming and initiatives.  Now more than ever we remain committed to our diverse membership and allies in the seemingly endless fight for equality and fair treatment under our justice system.

Women in the Profession Commission

The Commission on Women in the Profession shall assess the current status of women in the legal profession and identify barriers that prevent them from full participation in the work, responsibilities and rewards of the profession; make recommendations to the PBA Board of Governors and House of Delegates for action to solve problems the commission identifies and develop educational programs to address discrimination against women lawyers and the unique problems they encounter in pursuing their professional careers.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

The Pennsylvania Bar Association promotes diversity in its activities, including the election of its officers, Board of Governors and House of Delegates, employment of its staff, composition of committees, sections and task forces, participation in meetings, seminars, publications and other educational activities it sponsors, and choosing its vendors.