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Diversity Portal

Women In The Profession Section

Welcome to the Member Community for the Women in the Profession Section.  We are delighted to offer this interactive forum for legal professionals interested in furthering the professional and personal lives of women lawyers. Our goal for this Community is to provide a resource to help members communicate with each other and share resources.

Advisory Council on Diversity Initiatives

At the Ohio State Bar Association, we see diversity and inclusion as central to not only our organization but to the legal profession. We believe in the power of diverse and inclusive perspectives, and we are focused on creating an environment where everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect. Our commitment is to support the legal community in its aspirational goal of bringing together people of diverse backgrounds, traditions and personal experiences. 

At the OSBA, we have taken the initiative to address diversity within our organization—and within the legal profession.  Our employees come from different backgrounds, countries, genders and sexual orientation.  We encourage others in the profession to follow suit.  By fostering an inclusive culture, we attract and retain people who will grow our own organization, while strengthening the legal profession overall. Led by our standing Advisory Council on Diversity Initiatives (ACDI), the OSBA also serves as a convener and educator, hosting implicit bias and other training, and offering resources to legal professionals who want to lead and make a difference. Our focus on diversity and inclusion continues to drive our commitment of fairness, equality and putting people first.