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New Mexico

Committee on Diversity in the Legal Profession

The Committee on Diversity in the Legal Profession promotes opportunities for minorities in the legal profession and encourages participation by minorities in bar programs and activities.

The Committee on Women and the Legal Profession

The Committee on Women and the Legal Profession seeks to address issues adversely affecting female lawyers and judges and promotes systemic changes and opportunities to advance the role of women in the legal profession.

Elder Law Section

The purpose of the Elder Law Section is to facilitate and improve the law and practice of law in areas of particular concern to the elderly, including preserving and enhancing the rights of physically and mentally challenged individuals with respect to care, housing and asset management and to lead, coordinate and serve as a coordinating agent and clearinghouse for the efforts of the various agencies involved in service to the elderly.

Indian Law Section 

The Indian Law Section seeks to provide support, information and education for New Mexico attorneys practicing in areas that are impacted by the specialized legal rules and doctrines applicable to Indian tribes, individuals and property.

Well-Being Committee

The NM Well-Being Committee was established in 2020 by the State Bar of New Mexico's Board of Bar Commissioners. The NM Well-Being Committee is a standing committee of key stakeholders that encompass different areas of the legal community and cover state-wide locations. All members have a well-being focus and concern with respect to the NM legal community. It is this committee's goal to examine and create initiatives centered around wellness.  This includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and substance use struggles within the New Mexico legal community. The Wellness Committee will continue to follow the steps laid out in the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.