August 22, 2018

New Jersey

Standing Committee on Diversity, New Jersey State Bar Association

Contact Information

Co-Chair: Milagros Camacho
Phone: (201) 758-0002

Co-Chair: Christine H. Kim
Phone: (609) 633-7786
Co-Chair: Kenneth E. Sharperson
Phone: (973) 994-6677 ext. 121

Mission Statement

The Standing Committee promotes participation in bar-related activities by those lawyers and lawyer groups who have not previously participated significantly in such activities, including minorities, women, younger lawyers, government lawyers, in-house counsel, lawyers with disabilities, and other similarly situated lawyers or lawyer groups. It continues to nurture diversity through: relations with the specialty bar associations and all Association sections and committees; organizing educational and social programming; and monitoring and fostering inclusiveness in the continuing activities, programs, and projects of the Association and its related organizations, such as the New Jersey State Bar Foundation, and the like.

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