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August 22, 2018


Diversity Portal

The MSBA recognizes diversity as a core value and defines it as “recognizing the power of diversity of persons, viewpoints, beliefs, and human understanding.”

MSBA’s two principal goals in the area of diversity and inclusion are:

  1. Making the MSBA a model for diversity within all areas of the organization.
  2. Supporting the work of Minnesota’s affinity bar associations. 

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council

The D&I Council's purpose is to lead the advocacy and promotion of historically discriminated groups within the MSBA and the legal profession, through an inclusive culture where various viewpoints, experiences, and beliefs are respected and considered.

Social Security Disability Law Section

The purpose of the Social Security Disability Law Section shall be to enhance the skills of Minnesota lawyers practicing in the area, and to serve as a liaison with other parts of the MSBA and the public on social security disability law related issues and activities.