June 20, 2020


Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, Michigan Bar Association

Contact Information

Co-Chair: Rodney D. Martin
Phone: (616) 752-2138
Co-Chair: Hon. Cynthia D. Stephens
Phone: (313) 972-5708


Mission Statement

The Committee reviews concepts and ideas and makes recommendations to Bar leadership, committees, and other bar associated entities about Bar initiatives and programs addressing inclusion within the profession and approaches to measuring progress in the area of diversity and inclusion; provides guidance concerning efforts by bar associated entities in seeking signatories to the "Pledge to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession in Michigan”; identifies tools and strategies to assess the current state of diversity and inclusion in the Michigan legal community that can be used to set meaningful benchmarks to measure improvements and progress; develops concepts for recognizing best practices and exceptional achievements; and provides public support to the Bar leadership and staff regarding communications with members of the profession and others about the goals and outcomes of diversity and inclusion activities.

Equal Access Initiative, Michigan Bar Association

Contact Information

Co-Chair: Maya K Watson
Phone: (517) 490-1679


Mission Statement

This Initiative develops policies and programs for underserved populations, as well as groups with special needs or who face barriers to access, including persons with disabilities.

Michigan Pledge to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession

This is a pledge to achieve diversity and inclusion in the education, hiring, retention, and promotion of Michigan's diverse attorneys and in their elevation to leadership positions within our organizations, the judiciary, and the profession.


Elder Law & Disability Rights Section, Michigan Bar Association

Contact Information

Chair: Patrick J. Bond
Phone: (313) 465-7432
Chair-Elect: John B. Payne


Mission Statement

The Section provides education, information and analysis about issues of concern through meetings, seminars, this site, public service programs, and publication of a newsletter.