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August 22, 2018


Inclusion in the Profession, Committee to Promote

This standing committee shall facilitate, analyze, and present for consideration initiatives and programs which increases participation, retention, and representation of diverse attorneys in the legal profession in Georgia that accurately reflects the makeup of our State. In this effort, the Committee will work towards inclusion of lawyers who have been historically underrepresented. It shall advise the Executive Committee and Board of Governors with regard to those interests. 

Georgia Diversity Program

Established in 1993 by State Bar Past President Charles T. Lester Jr. and Hon. Marvin Arrington, the mission of the State Bar of Georgia Diversity Program (GDP) is to provide support to, and to promote the inclusion of and advocate for the advancement of, all members of the State Bar of Georgia regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Standing Committee on Seeking Equal Justice and Addressing Racism & Racial Bias

This standing committee shall consider, analyze, strategize, and recommend to the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors how best to: (1) engage, listen and learn from all who are willing to share their experiences with bigotry and racism; (2) identify, address and eradicate bigotry, racism, and racial bias in the administration of justice in this State; (3) encourage, partner with and assist local Bar associations and other law-related organizations, entities and agencies to accomplish these goals state-wide; and (4) otherwise ensure an equal system of justice for all. In addition, this committee shall assist the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors in the execution and implementation of the above enumerated actions.