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August 22, 2018


Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Mission: To increase diversity and inclusion in The Florida Bar so that the Bar will reflect the demographics of the state, to develop opportunities for community involvement, and to make leadership roles within the profession and The Florida Bar accessible to all attorneys, including those who are racially, ethnically and culturally diverse, women, members of the LGBTQ community and persons with disabilities.

Standing Committee on Mental Health & Wellness of Florida Lawyers

The Mental Health & Wellness of Florida Lawyers Committee was established to implement the 2018-19 Florida Bar Strategic Planning Priority that focuses on the mental health and wellness of Florida lawyers and to continue the work started by the Special Committee on Mental Health and Wellness of Florida Lawyers, which includes an educational component to:

  1. destigmatize mental illness in the legal community (lawyers and judges);
  2. educate employers, judges and lawyers how to identify and address mental health illness of Florida lawyers and create “best practices” on how to address mental health issues;
  3. educate lawyers about the benefits of balancing personal life and career obligations;
  4. provide health and wellness programs to provide Florida lawyers with healthy strategies to deal with the pressures of their practices to enhance the mental health and wellness of Florida lawyers;
  5. educate voluntary bar associations on mental health and wellness programs so they may better assist their members at the local level;
  6. expand the accreditation definition so as to broaden the scope of what constitutes and health and wellness continuing legal education (CLE) program;
  7. develop new and innovative CLE on mental health and wellness issues;
  8. interface with Florida Lawyer’s Assistance, Inc. to broaden their reach to all members not limited to those members facing bar grievance issues; and
  9. create a special, inter-disciplinary committee to study and improve the Florida Bar’s rules and programming related to mental health and wellness of Florida lawyers and to ensure that Florida Bar members (including judges) are aware of mental health issues and are able to access those services needed.

Elder Law Section

The Elder Law Section exists to cultivate and promote professionalism, expertise and knowledge in the practice of law regarding issues affecting the elderly and persons with special needs, and advocates on behalf of its members. The section publishes The Elder Law Advocate and presents three awards annually to section members who demonstrate a willingness to serve in the field of elder law.