August 22, 2018


State Bar of California

Council on Access and Fairness

The 10-member Council on Access and Fairness (COAF) supports the Board of Trustees on effectuating the State Bar's diversity and inclusion goals and objectives, which includes: pipeline to the legal profession, retention and career advancement, and judicial diversity. 

Local Bar Associations

San Diego County Bar Association

Different Abilities Group

SDCBA Different Abilities Group

The DAG exists to bring SDCBA members together who are interested in disability rights issues, or who have disabilities, to foster collaboration, professionalism, and creation of new relations and community.  The group will strive to raise in the legal community awareness of issues facing those with disabilities, and to emphasize the necessity for accommodation. Further outreach to groups includes but is not limited to schools of all educational levels, local community organizations, employers, potential clients, and MCLE. The focus is to promote law as a viable career choice for those with disabilities, and to bring appropriate awareness and accommodation when working with an individual who has a disability.

Brochure on Disability Ettiquette (developed with the US Disctrict Court for the Southern District of California): Click here to download (PDF)