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August 22, 2018


State Bar of California

Diversity Portal

Council on Access and Fairness

The 10-member Council on Access and Fairness (COAF) supports the Board of Trustees on effectuating the State Bar's diversity and inclusion goals and objectives, which includes: pipeline to the legal profession, retention and career advancement, and judicial diversity. 

Local Bar Associations

San Diego County Bar Association

Disability Justice Group

Kendra Muller, Chair
Contact: [email protected]

The SDCBA has created a disability justice group that will meet monthly to discuss disability-related matters, organize presentations, and foster mentorships with interested groups on disability topics. Membership is open to the entire San Diego County legal community. Attorney participants will be required to undergo school vetting for mentoring of students.

A 2013 ABA survey of attorneys reveal 8% reported an acknowledged disability. However, a national law firm poll, to which 110,000 attorneys replied, only 255 (0.23%) reported they had disabilities. People with disabilities have faced historic discrimination as noted in the 1990 legislative history of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The profession has been slow to eradicate barriers for those interested in a career in law, and for attorneys with disabilities entering the legal profession. Yet, attorneys with disabilities serve their clients and community well.


This group will focus on disability justice in the legal field. This mission will be two-fold (1) ensuring individuals with disabilities have improved access to the legal field, (2) educating law firms, organizations, and individuals on disability justice and rights. The task force hopes to create a safe community place to express ideas to ensure equal access and collaboration with other social justice groups.

Conscious Inclusion Committee

The Committee’s purpose is to provide oversight of diversity programs of the sections, committees, divisions, and Board of Directors.  The CIC also recommends targeted anti-racism training for Board members and the professional team when appropriate, monitors the diversity of CLE panels, conducts organizational racial equity assessments, manages organizational initiatives, including the Diversity Fellowship Program and the Diversity Pledge, and develops proposals for DEI strategy for the SDCBA.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Division

The DEI Division is charged with promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and improved access to justice in all aspects of the legal profession, the community, and the justice system; fostering greater awareness and understanding of traditional, systemic barriers that have prevented the full participation of diverse communities in the legal profession and the justice system; and actively working against all forms of racism and discrimination within the legal profession, the justice system, and the community as a whole.

Brochure on Disability Ettiquette (developed with the US Disctrict Court for the Southern District of California): Click here to download (PDF)