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Diversity Portal

The Nebraska State Bar Association is committed to diversity and inclusion. In 2013, the NSBA, along with 70 other firms and organizations within the legal community, signed onto A Diversity Call to Action.

In an effort to promote a more diverse and inclusive legal profession, the NSBA is proud to:

  • Support diversity and inclusion related Continuing Legal Education programs including an Annual Diversity Summit, which brings together pre-law students, law students and Nebraska lawyers, judges and legal employers;
  • Support diversity and inclusion related content in The Nebraska Lawyer magazine and other publications;
  • Support the LSAT Prep Diversity Scholarship Program;
  • Support the NSBA Women in the Law and Diversity Sections;
  • Promote diversity within the leadership of the NBSA; and
  • Serve as a Founding Member of the Nebraska Legal Diversity Council, a collaborative non-profit established specifically for the purpose of promoting diversity and inclusion in Nebraska’s legal profession.

Diversity Section

This Section is dedicated to promoting a more diverse legal community, addressing diversity and inclusion issues arising in the practice of law, better serving the legal needs of the public, promoting education on diversity, and promoting the mission of the Nebraska State Bar Association. Diversity is broadly defined to include color, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, disability, age, gender, and other identities or issues that may impact full participation in the legal community.

Elder Law and Special Needs Section

The Elder Law and Special Needs Section brings together members with a shared interest in serving the needs of older adults and persons with disabilities in an effort to enhance the ethical and professional skills and competence of its member and to increase the general awareness and understanding of the substantive areas of law that affect the elderly and disabled.

Indian Law Section

This Section is dedicated to advancing the understanding, study, adoption, application, interpretation, and improvement of the federal laws, tribal laws, and, to the extent applicable, state laws, rules, and regulations which pertain to Indians, to Indian tribes, or to Indian country, and to their administration and enforcement; to understanding and improving the relationships of these bodies of law and judicial and administrative systems, and to encourage and support mutual respect for, and understanding of, the cultures, values, customs, and heritages which underlie them.

Women and the Law Section

The Section is dedicated to: (1) promoting the study of the legal system and its existing and contemplated effect on women; (2) enhancing professional skill and competence and to increasing general awareness and understanding in such substantive areas as they affect women by participating in and sponsoring workshops, institutes, and programs for members, and the general public; (3) promoting consistency and fairness in the judicial forum and legislative arena with regard to such substantive areas as they affect women; (4) and encouraging the integration and active participation of women in the Nebraska system of justice as lawyers, judges, and scholars. 

Statement of Diversity and Call to Action

Makes recommendations with the respect to the prevention of racial profiling by law enforcement agencies.

Racial Profiling Advisory Committee