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March 08, 2019 State Bar Disability and DEI Groups

State Bars: Disability and DEI Groups

The State Bar Disability and DEI Groups Directory was created to help lawyers find information about committees, sections, etc. that focus on disabled attorneys, disability law, mental health law, and diversity in general or specific to women, LGBTQ+ people, and marginalized racial and ethnic groups.

Each state is listed below. Please click on the state abbreviation to go to the page for its disability and DEI-focused groups.

If you would like to submit or update an entry for this directory, please contact Amy Allbright at [email protected].

These listings do not include lawyer assistance programs (LAPs). LAPs traditionally educate and provide assistance for the legal profession concerning alcoholism, chemical dependencies, stress, depression and other emotional health issues. Some LAPs develop and maintain methods of providing effective solutions for recovery.
For a complete listing of these programs, please visit the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs.

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