February 21, 2020


Oklahoma City University School of Law

Contact/ Disability Resource Center

800 N. Harvey
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: (405) 208-6400


University of Oklahoma College of Law (Norman)

Contact/ Disability Resource Center

Disability Resource Center (DRC)
Suzette Dyer, Director
620 Elm Avenue
Suite 166 - Goddard Health Center
Norman, OK  73019-2093
(405) 325-3852
TDD (405) 325-4173
Fax (405) 325-4491



University of Tulsa College of Law

Contact/ Disability Resource Center

Martha Cordell
Professor and Dean of Students

Dr. Tawny Taylor
Director, Center for Student Academic Support


Student Organization

Disability law issues are often addressed within the students' Law and Medicine Society. The Society is an extension of the health law certificate program and provides experiences to students interested in both mental and physical disability law. Mental health law has been offered as a course for several years, and the college will soon offer a seminar in disability law. The Law and Medicine Society can be found online at http://www.law.utulsa.edu/studentorg/. In addition, the College of Law's strong focus on public service includes organized monthly visits by student organizations, staff and faculty members to a local disability center in an effort to provide support and companionship to mentally and physically challenged residents.

Clinical Program

There is no disability clinic, but students serve many clients with disabilities through the legal aid center.

Other Information

Curricular Coverage: Issues important to the welfare of persons with disabilities are covered in several courses, including Advanced Torts: Health Law; Bioethics & the Law; Children’s Rights Seminar; Employment Discrimination; Employment Law; Family Law; Law, Medicine & Ethics; Law of Sports; Mental Health Disability Law; and Sex Crimes.

Diversity Plan: Recruiting persons with disabilities as students and employees is a priority under the College of Law’s diversity plan and its mission statement. This reflects the College of Law’s commitment to integrate concerns for the welfare of persons within every aspect of its operations. This priority is a major focus of our Office of Admissions. Assistant Dean of Admissions, April Fox, a lawyer and a woman with a disability, emphasizes disability as part of diversity outreach to prospective students. When the law school is aware of the potential needs of an incoming student with a disability, staff members and Dean of Students, Martha Cordell, work closely with the student as well as other departments on campus such as Housing and Parking to assemble resources for the student before the semester is under way. In addition, the Diversity Committee has created a diversity website which addresses issues of accommodation and accessibility for students with disabilities. The Diversity Committee provides periodic diversity programming at the College of Law.

Internships and Research Assistantships: Through the faculty members in the health law program, and the Assistant Dean of Professional Development, the College of Law offers students opportunities for externships, internships, and research positions in disability law.