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November 21, 2018


Arizona State University, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law (Tempe)

Contact/ Disability Resource Center

Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services (link)

ASU Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services is the central campus resource for students with disabilities to ensure access to their education and help increase awareness in the university community. We work to create a culture of access and inclusion through collaboration with faculty, campus partners, and the use of universal design principles.

You can contact any Student Accessibility office with the following information:

Phone: 480-965-1234
FAX: 480-965-0441
Email: [email protected]

Campus locations:
Downtown Phoenix, Post Office, Suite 201
Polytechnic, Wanner Hall - Suite 101
Tempe, Matthews Center building, 1st floor
West, University Center Building, Room 304

Students with disabilities who require accommodations should complete a registration form. Once this form is submitted, students will receive an automatic confirmation email. Within a few days of submission, students will be contacted, through their ASU e-mail by their assigned Accessibility Consultant (DAC) with information to set up their initial appointment. This appointment is essential to establishing eligibility and beginning the interactive process to determine accommodations. 


Civil Justice Clinic: Student-attorneys enrolled in the Civil Litigation Clinic represent clients in civil disputes and administrative proceedings under close faculty supervision.


Education & the Law: A review of the legal and policy considerations that provide the foundation of the law of public education. This will include a review of student and employee rights, Constitution and Statutory rights, funding issues, legal and practical aspects of governing bodies, rights and responsibilities of administrators, teachers [including statutory child abuse reporting requirements and immunity issues], collective bargaining and employee concerted activity and students. The class will analyze and report on analyze major decisions of the United States Supreme Court in the areas of finance, religion, free speech, collective bargaining, student and teacher rights, rights of the disabled, desegregation and discrimination including recent Arizona decisions. 

Emplyoment Discrimination: This survey course will focus on selected topics in employment discrimination with particular focus on contemporary issues relating to race, gender (including sexual harassment), national origin and disability discrimination. The course will also explore how discrimination is defined and proved, including through class action litigation designed to challenge systemic discrimination. The class will be evaluated based on an open-book examination.

Student Organizations

Disabled Law Students Association (DLSA) (link)

Mental Health Law Society (link)

University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law (Tucson)

Contact/ Disability Resource Center

Student Resources (link)

The College of Law is committed to equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. The Disability Resource Center (“DRC”) at the University of Arizona is the office designated by the university to receive requests for reasonable accommodations. A student who, because of disability, seeks a reasonable accommodation for, among other things, attendance, class preparation, or class participation, or who anticipates barriers related to the format or requirements of the course, must provide documentation of the disability to the DRC and meet with a DRC Access Consultant to discuss accommodations. If the DRC determines that a disability-related accommodation is necessary, this will be communicated to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, who will make the necessary arrangements with all affected faculty. Students who have temporary disabilities, illnesses, or other emergencies that require some accommodation in order to meet class requirements should consult with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, who will determine what, if any, accommodation is necessary. The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs will make the necessary arrangements with all affected faculty.

Students may contact the Disability Resource Center at 520-621-3268 or [email protected].

Disability Resource Center (University)

DRC ensures disability access for our campus. We work to create a universally designed campus and reduce the need for individual accommodations through proactive collaboration with University partners.

DRC is open 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday, and is also offering appointments remotely. 

Highlands Commons Building
P.O. Box 210095 
1224 E. Lowell St. Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: 520-621-3268
[email protected]


Law 614 - Disability Law

Veteran's Advocacy Clinic

Student Organizations

Disability Law Club