August 22, 2018

Build Disability into Your Diversity Initiatives

Survey Disability Status of Membership

Have Diversity & Inclusion Commitment Statement/Policy That Includes Disability

Louisiana:  “The LSBA is committed to diversity in its membership, Board of Governors, staff, House of Delegates, committees and all leadership positions. Diversity is an inclusive concept that encompasses race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation and disability.” 

Have Diversity & Inclusion Plan with Measurable Goals for Disability

Have Diversity & Inclusion Pledge That Includes Disability

Louisiana: “The leaders of a legal organization or court agree to use their best efforts to increase the diversity in their hiring, retention and promotion of attorneys and the elevation of attorneys to leadership positions within their organizations. They also agree to promote and participate in appropriate diversity awareness training programs as well as programs to measure their progress in the pursuit of the stated diversity principles.”

Michigan: “To achieve diversity and inclusion in the education, hiring, retention, and promotion of Michigan’s diverse attorneys and in their elevation to leadership positions within our organizations, the judiciary, and the profession.”

New York City: Statement of Diversity Principles is designed to affirm the commitment of New York City area law firms and corporate legal departments to diversity goals that have specific time targets and milestones for achieving diversity.

Texas: ADA Pledge

Commit to Diversity in Bar Leadership

Washington: President and President-elect commit to diversity in selecting Chairs of WSBA committees/task forces and appointments to Committees 

Form a Disability Diversity Committee

Arizona Committee on Persons with Disabilities in the Legal Professionpromotes and encourages the success of persons with disabilities in the legal profession by: providing disability-related information to the legal community, fostering connections among persons with disabilities in the profession, providing a forum for discussion of disability-related issues, and celebrating successes of the disability community.” 

San Francisco Equality Committee on Disability Rights “works to break down barriers that have held back attorneys with disabilities from fully integrating into the field of law. As well as providing a professional forum for attorneys specializing in this growing practice area, the Committee also sponsors educational programs on disability rights.” 

Texas Disability Issues Committee “studies the concerns of Texas lawyers with disabilities, as well as clients and members of the public with disabilities, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as to how to enhance the role of people with disabilities in Texas.”

Have a Disability Diversity Award

Arizona: Honorable John R. Sticht Excellence in Disabilities Accessibility Award is awarded to private and/or public legal employers for their efforts to improve access to the Arizona judicial system for persons with disabilities in the legal profession, including lawyers, paralegals and court and law firm staff.

Include Disability Articles in Diversity Publications

Illinois: Diversity Is Both Seen and Unseen

Include Lawyers with Disabilities as CLE/Event Speakers

Washington: Commits to make diversity of CLE faculty a priority