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Northern Mariana Islands

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26. A. Do you currently have any condition or impairment (including, but not limited to, substance abuse,  alcohol abuse, or a mental, emotional, or nervous disorder or condition) that in any way affects your ability to practice law in a competent, ethical, and professional manner? □ Yes □ No

B. If your answer to Question 26(A) is yes, are the limitations caused by your condition or impairment reduced or ameliorated because you receive ongoing treatment or because you participate in a monitoring or support program? □ Yes □ No

If your answer to Question 26(A) or (B) is yes, complete a separate FORM 7 & 8 for each service provider.  Duplicate FORMS 7 & 8 as needed. As used in Question 26, "currently" means recently enough that the condition or impairment could reasonably affect your ability to function as a lawyer.

27. Within the past five years, have you asserted any condition or impairment as a defense, in mitigation, or as an explanation for your conduct in the course of any inquiry, any investigation, or any administrative or judicial proceeding by an educational institution, government agency, professional organization, or licensing authority; or in connection with an employment disciplinary or termination procedure? □ Yes □ No  If you answered yes, furnish a thorough explanation.