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Women in a wheelchair

Accessibility Resources

No matter what you're working on, ensuring universal accessibility for people with disabilities is key. Our free resources and guides can help you understand how to approach accessibility, compliance with the ADA and other laws, and how to make sure no one is left out.

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COVID-19 Resources

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all of us in many ways, the ABA and its Commission on Disability Rights are working hard to help lawyers with disabilities adapt to the "new normal." Visit our resources page to see our programs, articles, a Zoom accessibility guide, and more!

ABA Policy

Resolutions passed by the ABA House of Delegates which the CDR sponsored, or which deal directly with disability law.

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State-by-State Resource Guide

Looking for something in your state? One of our state specific resources may be helpful

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School-to-Prison Pipeline Sample Advocate Facing Toolkit

Check out out toolkits for advocates fighting against the school-to-prison pipeline. Sponsored by our friends at the Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice, and featuring contributions from CDR.

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