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ABA Pledge for Change: Disability Diversity in the Legal Profession

In furthering its commitment to diversity in the legal profession, the ABA Commission on Disability Rights is promoting “Disability Diversity in the Legal Profession: A Pledge for Change,” a one-page pledge for law firms, law schools, bar associations, judges, courts, and disability organizations to sign. The Pledge affirms the signatory’s commitment to diversity, specifically disability diversity, and recognizes that diversity is in the best interest of the profession, those the profession serves, as well as the organization making the commitment. The Pledge also announces that the signatory will encourage others in the legal industry to make this commitment. In addition to the PDF version, a short digital form is now available.

The Pledge was created in response to the lack of lawyers with disabilities in the profession, and was the centerpiece of the Second ABA National Conference on the Employment of Lawyers with Disabilities held in June 2009. Its distribution was approved by the ABA Board of Governors Operations and Communications Committee. In 2012, the Pledge was amended to specifically include judges and judiciaries as signatories. In 2014, the Pledge was again amended to include law schools and state and local bar associations. 

The ABA Commission on Disability Rights is leading the effort to have legal employers sign the Pledge.

If you would like to have your organization sign the Pledge, please either complete the digital form, or download a PDF copy and email it to Amy Allbright at [email protected].

List of Pledge Signatories

Attention: Pledge for Change Signatories

Please email [email protected] to provide your feedback and share any successes you believe will inspire other organizations to join us in this important diversity initiative.

Thank you!

Pledge for Change Brochure.

Pledge for Change Brochure.

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