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Webinar Archive

A list of some of recent webinars on a wide variety of disability-related topics, sponsored or co-sponsored by the Commission on Disability Rights.

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Cultivating Civility and Preventing Liability: Focus on Disabled Coworkers and Clients

June 12 | CLE Webinar | Our panel of experts will discuss civility as it relates to how attorneys interact with both coworkers and clients with disabilities. The panelists will also explore examples of preventable misconduct that can potentially expose law firms to liability for discrimination.

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Pursuing Justice and Embracing Challenges: Judge David S. Tatel’s Journey

June 13 | Webinar | Judge David S. Tatel will reflect – as chronicled in his memoir Vision: A Memoir of Blindness and Justice – on his journey in pursuit of justice from a curious student to a passionate civil rights lawyer to a seasoned federal judge who served 30 years on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, as well as his more private journey from denial to acceptance of his blindness.

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