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May 07, 2024 Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & Resonsibilities

The Promise and the Peril of Using AI for Language Interpretation and Translation in Legal Services

Webinar | June 18 2024

June 18, 2024
12:00 PM/CT



Being able to obtain basic legal services in one’s native language is essential to effective access to—and representation in—our justice system. The use of language interpretation and translation services aided by artificial intelligence (AI) and other computer assistance is nuanced and complicated. While advanced technologies can provide speed and convenience for such language services, they also raise concerns about accuracy, bias, and cultural sensitivity. In this program, we’ll learn from experts about the promise and peril that lie at the intersection of legal services offered with the use of machine assisted language interpretation and translation services.


  • Louis Lopez, Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities, Washington, DC
  • Sarah Green, Partners in Language Access, Durham, NC
  • Romina Muni, Partners in Language Access, Durham, NC
  • Cynthia Martinez, California Rural Legal Aid, Sacramento, CA
  • Caroline Schoenberger, Schoenberger Public Interest Law Foundation, Chicago, IL