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Crisis Management for Businesses 2.0 – The Impact of COVID-19 6+ Months In


Who would have predicted in March the coronavirus crisis impact on businesses—health and safety, financial, employment and so much more. These problems have been exacerbated for small business owners, especially immigrant business owners. Many employers are now considering options that they did not envision thinking about for many years, if at all.

The panel features insight from 5 legal experts in the areas of: Labor Issues, Workers’ Compensation, Real Estate/Finance Issues, and Immigration. The panelists discussed where we are a half a year in to the pandemic and explore various options that can be considered now as well as how they might incorporate them into preparing a crisis management plan.   For information on the first Crisis Management for Businesses please visit:
Introduction by ABA President Refo.

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Crisis Management for Businesses 2.0 - The Impace of COVID-19 6 Months In


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ABA President Trish Refo will make opening remarks on the ABA efforts 6+ months in to the pandemic and provide insight in to the ABA's continued efforts. For the most up -to-date ABA COVID-19 information please visit the ABA's  COVID-19 Response page.

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