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ABA Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities

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We, at the ABA Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities,  hope you and yours are doing well. These are unprecedented times, and we are all doing our best to thrive while helping family, friends, and local communities remain strong. Each of us face challenges we must overcome.  The ABA Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities is more than just a group of volunteer attorneys. It is a collection of individuals of expertise, experience, and commitment.  You can join us in our effort to help protect our communities affected by utilizing some of the resources we have collected here and on the ABA’s COVID-19 Task Force webpage.

To those who are sacrificing their own safety and well-being in this crisis, we are eternally grateful. We wish you safety and health as you forge ahead to get us to the other side of this pandemic. Your contributions are appreciated, and we thank you in our prayers, hearts, and minds each and every day. Stay strong and THANK YOU!  

CRSJ COVID-19 Webinar Series

The Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice has developed a multi-part webinar series exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic highlights critical legal issues of criminal justice, civil rights, human rights, and economic concerns, to name only a few.

Listed below are the webinars co-sponsored by the Commisson on Hispanic Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Crisis Management for Families – The Impact of COVID-19 |
  • Immigration Policy and Practice during the Coronavirus Pandemic

All webinar programs from the CRSJ COVID-19 Series  may be viewed here.

Business Assistance for Lawyers and Law Firms During COVID-19 

Information on forgivable loans, disaster loans, grants, tax benefits, and more.   Visit Justia Legal Marketing & Technology  to read more.

Coronavirus Scams and Frauds

Be aware that criminals are attempting to exploit COVID-19 worldwide through a variety of scams.  Read more here.

Answers to common questions to specific issues during the coronavirus.

Link to Q & A


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